What’s this month like for you? Transits of the Sun.


   The Monthly Solar Progression

By Howard “Hamsa” Beckman


The Monthly Solar Progression

By Howard “Hamsa” Beckman


The Monthly Solar Progression

By Howard “Hamsa” Beckman


As a feature of our now monthly newsletters we will include how the upcoming month’s energies according to the position of the Sun will be for you. To use it you must know your natal Moon sign, meaning the sign the Moon was in when you were born. That must be by accurate sidereal astronomical calculations, that which every astronomer in the world, and every Vedic astrologer, would agree on. The western tropical placements are inaccurate astronomically and therefore cannot be used for determining the planetary positions.

Once you find out your natal Moon sign, you can then look at the following chart each month and see some general advice to follow during this solar transit. They will run during the time period of the Sun through each sign. It is not meant to be a complete reading or analysis by any means, but certainly is an important part of the bigger picture of your life’s trends. This month’s is for the Sun’s transit through Libra from the 17th of October to the 16th of November.

Moon in Aries: The main area of endeavor that often needs to be attended to in this month is relationships. If communication lines are not open and honest between you and your partner, expect problems. Arguments and being bothered by things that normally don’t faze you are to be expected now. Try to keep cool, but also to go out of your way to counteract this energy. Do something special out of the blue. Buy a card “just because”. Put your arms around your partner and tell them how much they mean to you. You never know what you have until it’s gone, you know. Give love and you will receive it.

Moon in Taurus: This is the month for winning out over adversity! Whether it’s a legal affair, healing your body or overshadowing the competition, now’s the time to pull out the stops and do what needs to be done. If that means putting them on the sidelines, or if it means compromise in order to achieve your ends, this is the time for concerted action. It’s a great month for traveling, especially longer distances, and for taking calculated risks that can result in short term gain.

Moon in Gemini: This is a great month for educational endeavors and making plans to better your future in your career. Now’s the time to work out strategies for investments, but this is not the month to actually put them into action. That will come in the next month or two. You may feel a bit distracted from normal affairs, so rather than make mistakes in important work efforts, wait. It is a good month for seeing friends and family, though, and just for a bit of socializing. Rather than spin your wheels just take more time off and play a little. All work and no play make a dull boy (or girl)!

Moon in Cancer: This is a time for caution in expanding business or expenditures, especially in real estate dealings. It’s not the best time to buy a car, either, and unseen needs for repairs to vehicles may be necessary. Certain family members or friends may seem like vultures, waiting to prey upon you, so try to limit your exposure and keep things unnecessary for others to know to yourself.

Moon in Leo: This is one of the best months for financial gains and just plain enjoying yourself. It can bring business profits, a raise at work, returns on investments and more. It’s a month for getting things you want and taking time to recharge the batteries. Have some fun, but don’t overdo it. You know what they say about “too much of a good thing”!

Moon in Virgo: Avoid starting new projects or making new investments if at all possible. If any month can bring losses or unexpected expenses, this is it. It is a good month for being charitable to others and spending extra time on your spiritual practices. Try to just keep the status quo as much as possible and don’t do anything that might bring negative repercussions. Definitely not a month for gambling!

Moon in Libra: This is a month for doing things to benefit you personally. Whether it is for your reputation, your business or asking for a raise at work, this may well be a good time to act. Remember “action shapes destiny” and this is one of those prescribed times for action on your own behalf. It’s also a good time for travel.

Moon in Scorpio: Keep your money in the bank. The old saying, “When in doubt, do nothing” should be followed this month. Do not invest unless you’re absolutely sure of success. This is a month when it is good to have extra cash on hand, so frivolous spending should be avoided. It often brings a bit of disharmony within family or even friendships, so don’t let your tongue say things that you will later regret! Nobody can read your thoughts, so apologies are never necessary for even the most negative ones, but harsh words can cut a person worse than a sword. Apologies will still never erase the memory of being emotionally hurt in that way. It’s a good exercise in self-control. After all, most of the time you feel differently in a short while anyway.

Moon in Sagittarius: This is one of the months of the year that the Sun’s position may bring increased success for you. This is a great time to institute resolutions for better health and well-being, as well as putting out increased energy in business and to acquire things you have been desiring. “Ask and ye shall receive”! Make decisions and follow them through. You’ll be glad you did!

Moon in Capricorn: This month is usually a good one to expand your career options, your business or “show your mettle” in other areas. Whatever you do now should help your reputation and go a long way towards raising your status in the eyes of others. If you feel sure of your path, “Just do it”!

Moon in Aquarius: This can be a month of powerful spiritual or “other-worldly” experiences. Thus it is a great time for a spiritual pilgrimage or reconnecting with a spiritual center, church or temple. Go deep. Think about life on that “eternal” level, rather than just the daily whys and wherefores of material activity. Be careful in any and all legal dealings and make sure you have good legal counsel for anything that might even require it. Don’t take chances with “big brother” or the law. Approach both spiritual and material mentors for advice on your path and offer them something in return, even if only your warmth and gratitude. Remember that life’s interactions are all about sharing and exchanges. Always do your part.

Moon in Pisces: This is probably the most difficult of months for transits of the Sun. You know the old adage “Murphy’s law”? (Whatever can happen, will!) Well this is often the time for it’s manifestation. (And I don’t mean that in a positive manner.) Be careful in your dealings. When something angers or disturbs you, count to ten, breathe deeply and consider the proper words and/or action before taking any action. Eat a light diet as the digestive system may be giving you problems and that is a sure way to make yourself ill if you eat unrestrictedly.  It’s one of those months to keep things secret from people that do not need to know your business. Not a good month for long voyages.


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