Saturn Transits

          The Transits of Saturn

          By Howard “Hamsa” Beckman


On this page you can find out how the current energies according to the position of Saturn is for you. To use it you must know your natal Moon sign, meaning the sign the Moon was in when you were born. That must be by accurate sidereal astronomical calculations, that which every astronomer in the world, and every Vedic astrologer, would agree on. The western tropical placements are inaccurate astronomically and therefore cannot be used for determining the planetary positions.

Once you find out your natal Moon sign, you can then look at the following chart to find some general advice to follow during the current transit. They will run during the time period of Saturn’s transit through each sign. It is not meant to be a complete reading or analysis by any means, but certainly is an important part of the bigger picture of your life’s trends. Some of the most powerful events, or times of greatest upheaval, in a person’s life occur during the return of Saturn to his natal sign (which happens approximately every 30 years) and during the 7 years of Saturn’s “sade-sati” (also occurring every 30 years, for this is the time it takes for Saturn to orbit the Sun).  These are times of life we all go through, albeit some experience greater challenges than others. It all depends on the karmic scenario, foretold in one’s personal horoscope.

When Saturn returns to his natal sign it signals new developments, often a completely new chapter of life that is about to begin. It’s a time when a person begins to question everything about life, particularly his or her own path and personal direction. Saturn is an unbending taskmaster and unless we follow a disciplined regime in accordance with what we know is right in life, his malefic effects can beat us into submission. If, however, we follow our higher intuition, take the “high road” so to speak, it is a time of wonder and immeasurable inner growth.

The choice is always up to us. Saturn will force us to accept our karma and bring the truth to our eyes, whether we want to see, or not. We can either go forward “kicking and screaming” as we protest what we see as a time of loss or indignity of being forced to adopt another direction, or we embrace the changes. In following the latter, the path of least “resistance” we take the opportunity afforded us to find profound meaning in our life. Such realizations are enduring and will stay with us, not only throughout this lifetime, but into the next.

Sade-sati is another matter altogether. For some of us Saturn’s transit over the sign previous to the position of natal Moon (12th house transit), natal Moon sign (1st house transit) and the sign following its position (2nd house transit) can be a time of complete loss. We are forced to give up almost all that we’ve known and gotten “used to” in our lives. It will force us to face our deepest fears, humbled in the presence of almighty time. For others it is simply a time of great transformation, and it may further develop those things we have been working towards and attempting to create for ourselves in life.

To see what this period is like for you while Saturn remains in Sagittarius until January 24, 2020, look at the paragraph for your natal Moon sign.

Moon in Aries: This time may bring troubles to authority figures in your life, including your father. It can bring events that cause your employer to become displeased with you, so tread lightly at work. Discipline yourself and try to perform good acts, give charity and spend some time contemplating spiritual reality.

Moon in Taurus: This is one of the most challenging transits of Saturn. Elders in your family may expire and generally it is a time when stress can build up, if you let it. Turn towards your higher sensibilities. Go hear from a spiritual leader or mentor and make philosophical inquiries from them.

Moon in Gemini: This transit often brings health problems to your partner. You may have found that there are more differences with others. Beware of legal problems! It is not a time when Saturn is giving much help to your career development either.

Moon in Cancer: This is one of Saturn’s best transits “materially” all the way around. Now is the time to launch legal disputes or to challenge those that oppose your plans or ideas. If you’re looking for a job, you’ll find one. If you own a business, this is a great transit for expansion. If you’re married, life should be good at home. If you’re single, opportunities for meeting your significant other abound.

Moon in Leo: On the positive side this is the time for furthering education, or educating others. It is also a time when your heart tells you to turn within for solace, for spiritual strength. But it is a time to exercise great care in business investments to avoid losses. This transit also may bring you away from family and loved ones for periods of time.

Moon in Virgo: This is generally a very emotional time. Keep cool in the face of adversity and beware of who you associate with. There may be family disagreements, possibly a move of home or business and feeling agitated within the mind, maybe a bit ungrounded. Meditation daily will keep you calm and focused.

Moon in Libra: Now is another of Saturn’s best transits for generally feeling happy and contented with your life. You may acquire things you desire, and this period should increase your financial income, as well. Whatever you want to accomplish…go for it! Now is the time to succeed and to show what you’re made of!

Moon in Scorpio: This is the last portion of Saturn’s sade-sati. Continue to watch your spending and beware of saying everything your mind thinks. Learn to hold back on unpalatable words, especially when you’re angry or annoyed. Eat a healthy diet and stay away from foods that are unhealthy. If you eat unrestrictedly, especially things you know are not good for you, you will suffer for it quickly afterwards.

Moon in Sagittarius: This is the middle portion of Saturn’s sade-sati. You may feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, so just take it one day at a time. Watch your dietary habits and make sure you get some exercise, etc.  Not doing so will bring illness on almost immediately. Persons may tempt you to do things that are inherently wrong, so be strong and live by your higher principles. That will protect you. It can be a time of “whatever can happen will”, so think plans out carefully before acting.

Moon in Capricorn: This has been a time of challenges for the past few years. There may be legal problems, illness, losses in career or at home, and separation from family members. Keep extra money on hand as it is a time of expenses, seeming to come one after the other.

Moon in Aquarius: This is the best of Saturn’s transits for material gains. You may gain things you desire, get a raise in pay and your personal power can come into full strength on all levels. You are enjoying the many boons coming your way and feel satisfied and happy.

Moon in Pisces: Although you may not feel motivated by the work you’ve been doing, now’s the time to work hard for future gains. You may have acquired a new position or business during this transit, or learned new skills. Beware of envious people in your life.