Predictions for the USA in 2017

maskactorsI think that by now most of us realize that this year is going to be a roller coaster. Since practically everyone in the entire world is following the shenanigans going on since President Trump won the presidential election, I would think that Americans, especially, are by now getting that little “sinking feeling” in their stomachs (whether you supported him, or not), and with good reason, Believe me!

Let’s start by looking at the position of the current dasha lord, Rahu, in the USA birth chart from July 4, 1776. Rahu is in the 8th house of death, major transformations, the psychological state of the populace, delays, fear, criminality and misfortunes. At times it can result in financial boons, but most likely, if and when that occurs, it will result from underhanded dealings. After all, this is the 8th house! Nobody ever looks forward to a malefic planet in the 8th house’s dasha in their own lives, and this is not exactly a time when harmony and prosperity will prevail for the population in general.

Of course we must look at the transits of the slowest moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, to get a handle on how influences will prevail in the current period. Jupiter has been in Virgo, but when he moves to Libra in September he will be casting a benefic aspect on the 7th house where the USA chart’s Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mars are situated in Gemini. That 7th house has seen the USA become the most powerful country in the world, and for a time was also respected and revered by practically the entire world, as well. So there is some hope, at least by the autumn.
On Jan 26, 2017 Saturn moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius, where he now casts a malefic aspect on these planets in the 7th. Although Saturn denotes some “bully boy” power plays for so-called “gains” by the US powers that be, I believe a rough ride is ahead for many, many people in general for the entirety of Saturn’s transit until 2019. Who will rise, and who will fall, can only be seen in an individual’s horoscope, but in general the populace will not be feeling like “America is becoming Great Again”, whatever that is supposed to mean.Shani
The new moon chart for the United States will begin on March 27, 2017. Here is where we get the bottom line for the country in 2017. Libra rises and we see the ascendant lord, Venus, exalted conjunct Sun and Moon in Pisces in the 6th house. The 6th house is a house of conflict, problems from enemies, disappointments, disease and debts. Unfortunately Venus also rules the 8th house of death, besides the ascendant. This does not portend the country having an easy time of it! President Trump’s support base will more than likely begin breaking down by the before the end of summer. He will not be able to stop the slide into chaos for his administration. The country will hold him responsible and he will not be able to keep many, if any, of his campaign promises as they will be seen by most to be against the tenets of democracy.

If you are not a seasoned trader in the stock market and not only know very well how to play the markets, but keep up on them multiple times daily, you could be teetering on the brink of collapse. Jupiter, who represents banking and finances for the country, is in the 12th house of loss. This is not a position that promises to make very many investors, or bankers, happy with the state of the economy (regardless of the stock market rise seen after Trump’s inauguration). However, for those human beings who are infinitely more aware and cognizant than most, it is a spiritually opportune time of epic proportions.

As Mars and Mercury are both conjunct in Aries in the 7th house, this indicates that some of the countries that were always our friends and well-wishers will now reduce, or retract, that good will and friendship. Mars is a great malefic this year and rules two “maraka” houses, literally translating as “death inflicting”. Mercury rules both the 9th house (denoting some gains abroad) and the 12th house of loss, indicating soured relationships between the US administration and foreign leaders.

There will always be some material gains from Rahu tenanting the 11th, but Ketu in the 5th does not bode well for investment and banking as a whole. Saturn creates raja yoga this year, so the US will not completely lose its power in the world, but it will have its reputation severely damaged.

So get ready for a year of reversals, of conflict (and our involvement in armed conflicts world-wide) and of much political unrest. Who remains calm, steady and peaceful? Who gets pulled under by the undertow of reversals? It’s down to our individual karma. I’ve already advised numerous clients to sell certain investments before they tank, and seen others that are somehow going to profit in the midst of it all.

At the end of the day it’s our inner sensibilities that will guide us both materially and spiritually, but that also depends on good outer guidance as well. If you know what’s in store for you and your family, then you can better prepare. To be forewarned is to be forearmed! As I always say, “If you know it’s going to rain, then you’ll bring an umbrella”! unbrella

Howard Beckman January 2017