Long Awaited Planetary Changes

Just about everyone I know and come into contact with has been experiencing the effects of Saturn and Mars’ evil effects over the past months. Both Mars and Saturn have been in Scorpio together for quite some time, and while they were both retrograde all hell literally seemed to break loose in the world.
So many accidents have been seen, as well as intentional evil perpetrated by individuals and governments alike. Both of these planets have ceased retrograde motion now, but are still in Scorpio where they are creating havoc all the same. Some ascendants have suffered worse than others. It also depends on whether your natal Sun or Moon is afflicted, as well. Sagittarius ascendants have had their finances strangled, and careers feel stuck. Anyone with planets in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or heldback1Capricorn has especially felt as if a heavy force was holding them back. But everyone has been affected in one way or another.
Jupiter has finally released himself from the grip of Saturn’s aspect by moving to Virgo on August 11th. Being ascendant lord for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants, those natives have felt as though they were not getting anywhere. But that’s about to change.
Mercury moved to his own sign of Virgo, joining Jupiter, on the 19th of August. Then we have the catalyst of Mars and Saturn’s exact conjunction in Scorpio, where they conduct a planetary war between them between the 22nd and 26th of the month. On the 25th Venus also moves into Virgo, and although this is Venus’ weakest sign, being that of debilitation, having all three of the great natural benefic planets together will promise positive movement and long-awaited changes for many of us. lightatendoftunnel2By the last few days of August these planets will have gained sufficient distance between them to be able to function fully, casting some much needed light for a change, where darkness and chaos have prevailed.
Not that you should expect national or world events to get any saner or that global tensions will get any calmer, but for many individuals this signals new beginnings and opportunities for growth and advancement. It all depends on our own individual horoscopes and the karma that is being released for us now and in the immediate future. It’s an important year so the more knowledge you have about your own strengths at this crucial time, the more apt you will be to succeed in your endeavors.
Next month on September 18th two more important astronomical movements will bring some of us greater relief, and some will get propelled forward like a rocket. Mars will exit Scorpio and enter Sagittarius and on the same day Venus will exit Virgo and enter his own sign of Libra, where he is powerful and will bring gains and feelings of inner satisfaction and happiness to many of us. Stay cautious for the rest of August and for those that have been feeling confused, stuck or held back you should find that September begins to bring back some of your old confidence and optimism, along with a new born determination to live life to its fullest. Find out what the future holds for you.

Howard Beckman
August 2016