Jyotish (Vedic Astrological) Gem Therapy Course

Price: $495.00

jyotish gem therapy course imageThis course is born of our studies and research over many years. We have kept records of reported experiences of people using gems for these purposes for more than 30 years. We have tried to keep our findings as simple as possible, especially with regards to gemological terms and meanings, so one need not have any gemological experience to successfully complete this course. It is necessary, however, to have some primary knowledge of jyotish before taking the course.

Few astrologers seem to have the interest or time to do independent research on their own or the actual facility of a stock of fine gems to experiment with. Therefore, we decided to spend as much of our time as we could doing this research with the intention to share it with the jyotish community worldwide.

We hope this will be a meaningful contribution to the teachers, students and practitioners of jyotish, and we encourage all students of this course to keep records of their clients feedback from the gems recommended for them, as well as to share it with others in this field. We also hope that you find the course interesting and enlightening and wish our students much success in being greater assets to their jyotish clients and to the jyotish community as a whole.

Purpose of the Course

This Jyotish or Vedic astrological gem therapy course was devised to help Vedic astrologers (jyotishis) learn enough about gems to understand their properties. It also teaches, in a methodical way, the methods used to recommend gems correctly by studying the horoscope.

Students of this course will be able to make accurate and positive predictions of how a gem will affect a person and what areas of life may be enhanced by utilizing this science of jyotish gemology, also known as ‘planetary gemology in some circles.

By studying the methods explained within this course for the prescription of gems and the means of analysis of the horoscope to come to such conclusions, astrologers will be able to recommend gems for their clients that will bring positive influences. Using these methods ensures that mistakes will not be made that can cause increased suffering in the lives of astrologers clients.

The course is relevant for the following types of students:

  • Experienced jyotishis who wish to learn how to prescribe gems correctly
  • according to the horoscope.
  • Teachers of jyotish wishing to learn these methods for teaching students.
  • Jyotish students who wish to learn this science of prescribing gems.
  • Ayurveda students also studying the basics of jyotish.
  • Western astrologers willing to use the sidereal zodiac and equal house system.
  • Anyone with interest and the required background in Vedic astrological principles and practice.

Goals of the Course

This course aims to:

  • Provide students with a deeper gemological knowledge of the specific gems used in the Vedic sciences.
  • Provide specific information on how gems work on the human organism.
  • Provide specific information on how gems transmit cosmic rays.
  • Provide information on how gems increase specific planetary influences.
  • Correct common misconceptions in the astrological field regarding prescription of gems from the horoscope.
  • Provide students with the foundation to include correct planetary gemstone analysis of any horoscope in their practice or for themselves.
  • Provide students with a background knowledge of ancient texts, as well as modern research, to allow greater accuracy and efficiency in recommending gems from the jyotish horoscope.

Prerequisites for the Course

You must have either finished a course on Vedic astrology or had private studies allowing an understanding of the basic principles of jyotish. A student needs to be able to grasp the essence of defining planetary natures and strengths in any horoscope to correctly apply the gems to the chart.

Students need to be able to understand the most important yogas or combinations in a horoscope, such as raja yogas, shubhakartari yogas, papakartari yogas, amala yoga, Hamsa or Malavya yoga, or Bhadra or Ruchaka yogas. It is also absolutely necessary to be able to fully define the functional nature and strengths of a given planet at different times and circumstances of a person’s life and to understand when these influences may be at their peak according to dasha systems.

Although a glossary is provided, students must be able to understand the basic Sanskrit terminology used in describing positions and placements as well as combinations within a jyotish horoscope.

It is also helpful for students to have some experience in actually casting horoscopes and doing consultations for clients, although it is not a requirement for taking the course.

Students of this course must have a grounding in what factors give benefic or malefic influences to planets in the horoscope, how to calculate planetary strength and a definite understanding of what effects the individual planets will have by studying a horoscope. This is necessary to be sure gems are prescribed and used effectively and correctly in their application.

Orientation of the Course

This course aims to present the science of gem therapy as used in jyotish in a manner that follows the oldest Vedic traditional knowledge. It also is quantified and verified by years of research, practice and keeping records of actual experience.

The approach combines quotes from scriptural texts about the use of gems in jyotish with practical instructions based on a wide base of gemological knowledge and practical astrological knowledge. We also have proved particular distorted, yet previously accepted, practices of this science to be unfounded and to also often give adverse results.

The gemological information is all bona fide as delineated by the Gemological Association of America, the Gemological Association of Great Britain and other internationally recognized institutions. The astrological information is in accordance with traditional jyotish as per Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra and other classical astrological works.

Training in Jyotish Gem Therapy

The course provides a good foundation for further advancement in the principles and practice of astrological gem therapy. Further hands-on training in residence is offered at the Vedic Cultural Fellowship in New Mexico during the summer months.

For those also interested in Ayurvedic clinical gem therapy, a separate course is offered by correspondence and also in residence at the Vedic Cultural Fellowship’s New Mexico center.

Credit and Certification for the Course

This course provides 300 hours of credit in jyotish gem therapy studies through the American Institute of Vedic Studies. This can be added to the credit hours of the Ayurvedic Gem Therapy course , Ayurvedic Healing course, Astrology of the Seers Jyotish course, Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda course and others, which may be offered by the AIVS, for those developing credit through the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Note, however, that such hours may not be acceptable to all jyotish or Ayurvedic institutions, any more than their hours may be acceptable to us. This is because there is no standardization of hours in jyotish or Ayurvedic programs in the West.

The course is also of value relative to our affiliated organizations. These hours, however, are relative to ‘distance learning’ and may not be equivalent to hours of classroom or one-on-one instruction.

A certificate of completion is awarded to students finishing this correspondence course. For certification as a jyotish gemology practitioner, an additional hands-on, 3-day intensive training course in residence is required. After which a test of a set of horoscopes, each with a different ascendant, is required to be passed by the student. Certification is then awarded to students successfully passing this course and the tests after the intensive residential workshop.

Student/Teacher Interaction: More Interactive Options

Such inexpensive distance learning programs as this course cannot provide extensive direct contact with teachers through telephone or in person. However, we do allow students to ask additional questions by e-mail relative to the course material.

A yet more direct student/teacher connection is possible.

If students wish to have direct interaction with their teacher, which includes being able to receive an additional set of 35 charts for analysis for gemstones, as well as using charts of their own for analysis, this may be done for an additional fee of $350.00. This will provide an additional 100 hours of direct study credit to be added to the overall course credit. This option is done exclusively by e-mail. Direct questions and interaction by telephone may also be possible. Telephone consultations carry an additional fee and must be booked in advance and in accordance with your instructor’s schedule.

If you are interested in either of these options, please contact us directly by e-mail. There is not any automatic ordering for this option, and it may not be available at all times of the year.

Reference Books for the Course

Vibrational Healing with Gems and Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems by Howard Beckman as well as Ayurvedic Astrology by Dr. David Frawley are required reading for this course.

Testing Policy

Carefully note our testing policy:

Lessons 1 through 13 (Part 1) test questions should be sent together at one time.
Study Charts and Tests (Part 2) requires much more time to complete and may be sent to us separately or along with the test questions for Part 1 of the course.

All test questions must be answered correctly, although mistakes will be noted and students will be given the opportunity to retake the tests for successful completion. As tests are taken by students at home without supervision, it is assumed that all students will be able to successfully complete the course. The test charts will be given some lenience in grading as certain subjectivities must be taken into account, but answers that prove completely wrong must be corrected and resubmitted with correct answers after receiving the tests back.

Refund Policy

We have asked students to consider the advanced nature of this course carefully before signing up for it.

You must notify us that you are returning the course material within 30 days of receipt of the course. If postmarked within 7 days of informing us of your return, you can receive a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges ($20.00 USA, $30.00 Canada and Mexico, $60.00 elsewhere around the world).

Make sure that all course materials are returned unmarked and undamaged. Otherwise there will be an additional deduction from your refund.

Time to Finish the Course

Students will have 1 year to complete Parts 1 and 2 of the course.

Countering Misconceptions About the Vedic Use of Gems in Jyotish

This course is the first of its kind to be offered by bona fide teachers and leaders in this field. The Vedic texts give information about the potencies of gems and certain dos and don’ts regarding handling and care, but little can be found today giving explicit instructions on applying them to the horoscope.

Many of the misconceptions surrounding the correct applications of gems to a horoscope have remained through the ages without questioning by astrologers. This has caused many to make mistakes that are unfortunate to the gem wearers and are carried on due to tradition within India, without any scriptural or practical basis for the philosophical applications.

This course is ground-breaking in that its methods are tried and proven not only by the authors but also by many astrologers and jyotish or ‘planetary’ gemologists the world over. This course requires that you think about these applications and approach this science not only with faith in the Vedic origins but also with a scientific and practical mind. In so doing, the obvious efficacy of these methods cannot be disputed.

For those also interested in combining the jyotish prescription of gemstones with ayurvedic clinical practices using gem therapy we would recommend taking the Ayurvedic Gem Therapy Course, also offered by correspondence with the Vedic Cultural Fellowship and the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

We realize that this course can and will be improved in many ways. As this is its first introduction, we welcome your suggestions on how to do so. If you find any typos or misprints or areas that are difficult to understand, please let us know, so that we may improve this course material over time.

Jyotish Gem Therapy Course

Price: $495.00