Jupiter Transits

        Annual Transits of Jupiter

By Howard “Hamsa” Beckman

Every year, as a general rule, Jupiter changes signs. Being the ruler of finances, husband, children, spiritual life and so many positive areas of our lives, Jupiter’s transits will at times    bring great boons to us, depending on how he is situated in the natal horoscope. At others Jupiter will force us to contemplate our inner hearts, the meaning of life and to see things as   they really are.

The following are general effects and advice for different Moon signs. You must know the sidereal position of the Moon in the zodiac at the time of your birth. Then look to the paragraph with your Moon sign. Jupiter moved to Virgo on August 11, 2016 and will remain here for about 13 months. The following is for Jupiter’s transit through Virgo until September 11,2017.

Moon in Aries: Hold onto your finance this year as tightly as you can. Investments can quickly fail and even plunge you into debt, if you’re not careful. Even things that seemed to be sure things may all of a sudden disappear into thin air. Never mind, we win some and we lose some. Try to stay in a holding pattern as far as any new big investments in business, etc. People that challenge you and cause you distress may appear in your life. Extricate yourself from such situations, and try to hold your tongue. Saying the wrong things in anger will come back to haunt you. Your health will suffer unless you are fanatical about eating right, exercising and countering stress with yoga and meditation.

Moon in Taurus: Now is the time to invest the money! Family is a source of joy and contentment and your reputation begins to spread around. This should be a great year for earnings and also one for meeting important people that you want in your life. It is a year of feeling satisfied and for the most part enjoying life.

Moon in Gemini: without question is a year when you contemplate a change. You may feel like you need a move of home, or you may possibly wish to cut certain people out of your life permanently. Meditate and contemplate your situation, as now is a time when realizations can spring from your heart and mind. Materially it is a time when further education will bear fruit in the next transit. Now is also a time to putting cash into your car, or doing renovations in your home.

Moon in Cancer: Those in the communications fields will find success during this time. Artists and musicians will find their creativity heightened and you should be able to gain things you need for your work or business. Be careful of the choices you make, though, as your discretion may not be at its best. Don’t allow people to get you into an argument or “ruffle your feathers”. Let the wave of anger go by and deflect it with a smile or a kind word. Now’s not a time for a fight or battle.

Moon in Leo: This is a great year for earning and for being a mentor or teacher to others, professionally or in other ways. Things will go well in the family and you feel contented in general with your life. Look for opportunities to advance yourself financially, as well as in your career position.

Moon in Virgo: The flow of money for unexpected expenses should now stop going out. You feel more confident, but may be unsure of what you want to do now. This is a great time for education and for travel or even moving home.

Moon in Libra: If you’re in school, stay there. Finish your education. Now’s not the best time to strike out beginning your career. You may feel restricted and there will probably be many more expenses, too, than you bargained for. Avoid arguments with others and don’t worry about things beyond your control. Just do the best you can. This is a time for deep thought and spiritual practice.

Moon in Scorpio: This is one of the best of Jupiter’s transits for material gains of all kinds. Beware of what you desire as you may get it! Financial gains, acquisitions, friends and enjoyment of sensual pleasures are all on offer this year. Investments will also likely increase in value.

Moon in Sagittarius: This is a year to sacrifice your immediate pleasures for future gains. Work hard without expecting any immediate results. They will come next year. Whatever impediments are in your way, find a way around them and forge ahead. Do things to further a good reputation and be charitable toward others.

Moon in Capricorn: This is a transit when Jupiter’s spiritual blessings may rain down upon you. As a matter of fact it is also likely to bring material gains and blessings, as well. Earnings should be excellent and your superiors will be pleased with you, be it your boss, teachers, parents or spiritual mentor. Share your realizations with others. There will always be others that need to hear them!

Moon in Aquarius: This is a year to be cautious in all areas of life. Watch your spending and do not make any risky investments. There could be legal problems or other setbacks. Be careful whom you allow into your life and think about every action you take before you act.

Moon in Pisces: This is a great time to take your relationship to the next level, or to bring back some romance and excitement into one that seems to be stagnating. Do it and you will be glad you did! Close deals, push forward with litigation if you need to and look for new business opportunities. There are chances for travel this year, and someone may have a wonderful surprise in store for you.