Gem Therapy

Gem Therapy – Healing at the speed of light

“The future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and color”
Stephen Hawking — physicist and cosmologist

For thousands of years Ayurvedic healers and Astrologers throughout India and Tibet have prescribed specific gemstones, worn close to the skin, to treat maladies from chronic conditions to infection, as well as enhancing specific cosmic vibrations.  Sunlight passing through the stone would transmit a certain frequency that would be absorbed by the cellular structure of the wearer. Over time the patient’s system resonates in sympathy with this new influence and healing begins to take place.

Gems have specific vibratory qualities that may be used to change and influence the brainwaves, but they can also effect the cellular vibrations in the body, necessary for healthy functioning of all major organs and glands.  They are used to treat depression, anxiety, obesity, pain and neurological imbalances associated with hormonal problems.

Contact us for a gem consultation and find out if wearing a specific gem or having a treatment can help you.

At the Vedic Cultural Fellowship we use and sell a gem light machine called Balaji GL108 Navaratna, that massively increase the healing energies of precious gemstones before delivering them to the cells of the body in treatments of twenty minutes or less. We also give workshops and courses on Ayurvedic Gem Therapies.