Equine Rescue Program

Rescued HorsesThe Vedic Cultural Fellowship has instituted an equine rescue program here in Ocala, known as “the horse capital of the world”.  Part of our mission is to bring a greater awareness to this “industry” that old horses are not to be discarded or thrown away when their financial usefulness has expired. So many horses that gave their lives’ energies to their owners are cast aside and not valued anymore. Forgotten are the years that those horses worked to please them as hard as they could.

Others will simply put down horses that have problems with their feet or legs, or other maladies, since they will not likely ever be able to race or be used as “show horses”. Few have the compassion to treat these souls in the bodies of horses with the compassion they deserve, valuing them regardless of the fact that they cannot earn from them. There should be a sector within this industry for both old horses (there is one for old racehorses, but there’s a long waiting list so most are simply sold to the meat industry) and those that have something preventing them from becoming winners at the track or shows.

We recently rescued two old race horses that would have been sold off for meat and a pregnant mare, all of which were terribly thin. Three weeks ago the mare gave birth to the most beautiful foal. This foal would have been killed as soon as it had been born had we not rescued its mother. We will save as many of these neglected animals as we are financially capable of doing and ask that anyone that can help in any way, financially or otherwise, please contact us or you can make a donation directly on the website. Please help to support these wonderful animals, just a little goes a long way. Thank you.

Through the Vedic Cultural Fellowship, you too can make a difference in the lives of abused or neglected horses.  We are a not for profit 501 C 3 charity that donates time and money to humanitarian efforts, and this program is an important part of our focus and passion in raising the awareness of compassion for animals that are “at our mercy”, so to speak.  If you would like to donate, use the donation menu below, or contact us at the VCF by phone: (352) 629-3156 or email hamsa@vedicworld.org to set up a custom donation amount. Please remember that all donations are tax deductible, and that EVERY PENNY YOU DONATE WILL GO TO GIVING A NEW LEASE ON LIFE TO HORSES THAT WOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED OTHERWISE.


equine rescue program


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VCF believes in our programs to help animals, and we believe in you. Please donate today.


Howard Beckman, Director, Vedic Cultural Fellowship