Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? And The Winner IS!

Predicted and written by Howard Beckman, Vedic Astrologer 4/15/12

Although he doesn’t yet have the official nomination of the Republican party, it seems quite obvious that Mitt Romney most certainly will in the coming days. Therefore it’s time for me to make my predictions for the outcome. Remember, you heard it here first folks!

Some of this may seem a bit technical, but I will keep it as simplistic as possible. Some astrological terms and reasoning are necessary, as otherwise it becomes a prediction without any basis. I use the “science” of Vedic astrology, NOT a crystal ball, so please bear with any unfamiliar terminology, for those without any background. The essence will be clear. For those with no astrological knowledge but what they see in “Sun sign” astrology in the papers, note that Vedic astrologers use the astronomically correct planetary orbital positions, just as any astronomer uses. Western “tropical” calculations” are not accurate astronomically. If you want to know more about the different zodiacs (tropical vs. sidereal) used, look at our website at or simply “Google It!”.

The first thing we use as a tool in predicting the unfolding of events in people’s lives is the “dasha system”. These are planetary periods that are fixed with dates to come during a person’s life, right from the moment of their birth.

On July 12, 2008 Mitt Romney entered a new major period of his life ruled by the Sun. The Sun’s position is powerful, being in the 10th house of fame, career and reputation. It promises to be a time of notoriety for him and will last until July 12, 2014. His Sun is also a “player” in creating what is called a “raja yoga” in Vedic astrological parlance, along with two other planets in the 10th house, Mercury and Mars. So there’s no question of this guy being in the public eye for years to come.

However, the 10th house falls into the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, where Sun loses strength. In this science planets have relationships with each other; some are friends with each other, and some enemies. Others are simply neutral to each other. Saturn considers the Sun his enemy. Therefore Sun is not in his strongest position. He cannot exhibit his full strength, although it’s still a powerful position.

Next we look at the planet ruling the “sub-period” during the time in which he wants the American people to elect him as their new president. Mercury will rule the sub-period of the Sun’s 6 year major period from April 30, 2012 until March 6, 2013. Mercury is one of the other components of his “raja yoga” (meaning a “kingly combination”) in the 10th house, and is extremely strong in Aquarius, being a great friend to Saturn who rules it. That he will have power and influence during these months is a given.

Now to Barack Obama’s natal horoscope for a look at his planetary periods during the time period in question.  On July 24, 2012 Barack Obama enters what promises to be THE most powerful and influential time of his life, the major period of Saturn for a total of 19 years. Saturn is in his own sign of Capricorn, meaning it is his own house and renders his influence extremely powerful. This is the 1st house, also called the rising sign or ascendant. This house shows a person’s ability to reach their goals, to strive for great achievements and whether or not they are capable of achieving success in life.

Not only that, but Saturn also rules his 2nd house, the house of money, “speech” and the ability to get one’s “point” across in the process. This insures his power and influence, folks. He will draw big money towards him, albeit for the givers own ends, as per usual in the political game.  This long and powerful major period insures that Barack Obama will be in the public eye for many years to come.

Since this is just the start of Saturn’s major period, Saturn also rules the “sub-period” until July 28, 2015.  This position of Saturn creates another kind of astrological “yoga” called “Sashi yoga”, which means the ability to dominate and influence others. Here I will note that Jupiter is also in Obama’s rising sign, teaming up with Saturn. It was Jupiter’s influence that brought him into politics and finally to the presidency, as well. However, Jupiter’s influence pales in comparison to Saturn’s in Obama’s Vedic horoscope.

In my opinion Barack Obama’s astrological strength at this time outweighs Mitt Romney’s. There are other factors, such as sub-divisional charts (Vedic astrology has up to an additional 15 of them, believe it or not!) and in also consulting these, Obama continues to look to be the stronger candidate.

Another powerful astrological tool that I have used for many years is the solar return horoscope. It is called the “birthday chart” by many of my clients, as it is a chart drawn up on a person’s birthday (although sometimes it can be the day before or after the birthday). The time used is whatever time it is when the Sun reaches the exact degree that it had at the moment a person was born. Now let’s compare the strength of Obama and Romney’s birthday charts.

Mitt Romney’s begins on his birthday March 12th at just past 2 AM, although his actual birth time in 1947 was some hours later, for the reason just explained. My first observation is the rising sign for the year and its ruler. Scorpio rises and Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio, is in a fire sign (Leo) in the 10th house of fame, influence and career. Unfortunately for Mitt there are a plethora of technicalities that vastly reduce his ability to produce results.

Some of the negative effects on him will mean great pent up anger and anxiety in his mind. The personality of Mitt Romney will not come across in a manner that will make people feel comfortable. Physically he will feel fatigued, may develop high blood pressure and depending on his diet he could even be a candidate for heart problems.

The next important signification I look at is something only used in annual “birthday” horoscopes. It is called the “muntha” and although I will spare you long technical explanations, this sensitive point is placed in the 12th house of losses. Not a good place for it to be, for someone in his position this year. He will not only have health problems, but many conflicts within his own ranks. And all in a house spelling disaster!

Also in the 12th house of losses are the planets Saturn and the Moon. The Moon is the ruler of the 9th house, called the house of good fortune. Having the representative of your good fortunes for the year in the house of losses is not going to help him win him this election. Saturn rules the 2nd & 3rd houses, representing money and speech, as well as “family” and communications of all kinds. There are also categories within this combination that mean that many in his own party will abandon him, the so-called “family” of Republicans. He’ll spend lots of money, but it will not bear fruit. He’ll talk endlessly, often putting his own foot into his mouth. There are many other influences spelling problems that will preclude a successful bid for the presidency this year, but I’ll spare the readers any more technicalities.

Obama’s solar return “birthday” chart begins on August 4th. The first thing to note is that Aquarius is the rising sign of the year and the ruling planet, Saturn, is not only in the 9th house of good fortune, but in his most powerful sign of exaltation, Libra. This means power, folks, big time.  It means gains, good health and victory over adversity and opposition. This is a year when he must excel, despite the obstacles that will be thrown into his path.

The muntha in his yearly chart is in the 3rd house, promising excellent results. He will prevail over “enemies”, gain honor and prestige and will have the cooperation of powerful people. There will be plenty of conflicts, don’t get me wrong, nor will his life be a bed of roses, but that’s not the issue at hand here. The issue is whether or not he will win a second term as president of the United States of America.

There are many other planetary placements, such as Venus creating  “raja yoga” in his house of reputation, and ruling the houses of career, power over the masses and business affairs. Barack Obama is going to win this election, serving a second term as the American President.