A Vedic Astrological Analysis of the Horoscope of Donald Trump

trumpbeastDonald John Trump was born in Queens, New York City on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM. His horoscope has Leo rising, with Sun (ruler of the rising sign Leo) in the 10th house of occupation, status, reputation and career. Exalted Rahu is conjunct Sun in the 10th house, making him a very powerful, and often-feared personality, to say the least.

What creates his bullish personality is having an extremely powerful Raja-Yoga created by Mars in the ascendant (rising sign). In his mind he is always right about pretty much everything! Mars then single-handedly creates Raja-Yoga by aspect in the 4th house of business and property affairs, making him successful in real estate holdings and commercial development, both under the purview of Mars.

Mars’ Raja-Yoga by aspect in the 7th house of marriage and partnerships doesn’t bode too well, and we have seen that is true with both marriages and business partnerships ending very badly. But it makes for a powerful communicator to the public, whether you like what he says, or not.

Mars also creates a Raja-Yoga by aspect in the 8th house of longevity and death, psychological makeup, inheritances or windfalls, loaning of money, dealing with other people’s money, misfortune and of course reincarnation. This raja-yoga is what gives him the basis for his considerable financial wealth.

There is also a Raja-Yoga created by the mutual aspect of Jupiter and Venus on the 6th house that makes him incredibly competitive and cunning, again and again overcoming adversity to find himself back on top of the pack, even after suffering big monetary losses and bankruptcies.

Jupiter tenanting the 2nd house of earning, as well as his aspect on the 8th house of inheritance and financial windfalls has made him an extremely wealthy business magnate. Mercury rules both the 2nd house of earning, as well as the 11th house of material gains, desires, and the ability to fulfill them. Mercury is situated in his own sign of Gemini in the 11th house, making him a powerful force for Mr. Trump’s amassing of great material fortunes.

The Moon’s natal position is not only in debilitation in Scorpio, it is further afflicted by its conjunction with an exalted Ketu in the 4th house. Although there is cancellation of the most malefic effects, there is the indication of Trump also having times of major loss due to the Moon’s owning of the 12th house of losses.

But this debilitated Moon also causes many of the unpalatable traits he has displayed. Although Scorpio Moon makes him resolute and determined, it causes him to experience great mental suffering. Outwardly his Leo rising with the powerful Mars gives him the air of decisiveness and confidence, but there must be plenty of times that exactly the opposite is true on the inside. He feels lonely and vulnerable, so then lashes out in anger, not controlling what is obviously a knee-jerk reaction.

Scorpio is a secretive sign, so very few will truly know the mind of Donald Trump. He will say and do whatever he thinks is necessary to get his way in life, and woe to anyone who dares to get in his way. He is not a softhearted guy. Believe me. Scorpio Moon means he won’t reveal his inner feelings and character, but his emotions most definitely shall always affect the decisions he makes.

Scorpio gives him his ability to be considered an authority, and he’s very aggressive as would be expected. The thing is, though, that the darker traits of Scorpio are seen in his inability to just let criticisms roll off his back like water from a duck’s. He cannot tolerate anyone criticizing him, what to speak of insulting him. He will always want to get back at them, and he can be vindictive and revengeful, as well as ruthless. That seems to be an admired trait by some people who relegate capitalism to the status of a religion, but maybe not so admirable when it comes to having power over people’s very lives and livelihoods. He’s out to win in any scenario, so in such high stakes politics and finances there will be many so-called unavoidable casualties.

*Please note that I am not giving any political opinions here whatsoever, and speak from an astrological viewpoint alone.

On the positive side Trump is also intense and focused, and very likely has a better perception of international politics and finances than many give him credit for. He’s no dummy! He’s an incredible strategist and has the ability to stick to his plans until they come to fruition. He’s used to being the man on top, so with a chart like his it is not outside the realm of possibility that he becomes the President of the United States. However…timing is everything!

I’m sure Mr. Trump’s early life was not an easy one emotionally. With his highly emotional nature, although born into wealth up to the age of two at the end of his Mercury dasha, the Ketu dasha from that time until he was about nine and a half were very difficult years for him emotionally. He felt intimidated by his father and felt great loneliness inside. After Ketu finished, he was then in his Venus dasha for 20 years. This was definitely not a banner period for him either, although being in the 12th house kept him comfortable materially in all aspects.

Venus is conjunct Saturn in the 12th house in Cancer, which is another indication of his highly emotional nature. They are also vargottama, meaning Venus and Saturn are also in Cancer in the navamsha chart. As lord of the third house of family and communications, as well as the 10th house of career, Mr. Trump’s rise would not be able to begin until after this period was over, although he did enter his father’s business about two years before the end of the Venus period.

Mr. Trump’s Sun dasha began in November 1975, which was the beginning of the rise of Donald Trump the personality and powerful businessman. In November 1981 he entered the Moon dasha, which luckily is functionally benefic so brought many successes, but also a lot of losses and much personal grief. During Moon dasha he had a lot of losses in business, including bankruptcy and was involved in quite a few lawsuits, with attacks on him by both government and private individuals.

His Mars period ran from November 1991 to November 1998 and was a vastly different story. The sheer brute force of Mars’ Raja-Yoga in Leo in the ascendant brought Mr. Trump many business conquests and perceived victories.

Rahu period would also be powerful. Rahu is both exalted and conjunct the lord of the rising sign, Sun, in the 10th house. 1998 to 2016 saw Mr. Trump wheel and deal his way into the history books of American business and the homes of Americans through his appearing on his very successful television show “The Apprentice”. Now in the very year he enters his very powerful Jupiter dasha, he is running for President of the United States. The election on November 8th is only 6 days before Mr. Trump actually begins his 16-year Jupiter period.

Although Jupiter is situated such for it to be a period of further wealth building and monetary successes, I am not convinced it will also be a time of his being the most powerful political figure in the world during the first quarter, or if reelected the first half, of the Jupiter dasha.

Especially since Saturn is casting a malefic aspect from the 12th house of loss onto Jupiter, the likelihood of his getting elected to the office of president is not good. You would expect him to be running a dasha of a planet that in some way was giving great power to the ascendant, or 10th house, for him to become President of the United States. Regardless of his popularity, that is my astrological opinion.

So Donald Trump will continue to be in the news and be a formidable force in the worlds of high finance, property development and politics for the next 16 years of his Jupiter dasha. When it is over, however, he will enter Saturn, which will be the final period of his life. Considering that Saturn tenants the 12th house he would do well to retire at the fag end of Jupiter’s dasha. Saturn’s dasha would bring ruination were he to try to persist in Saturn’s period.

Meanwhile it’s going to be an interesting year, which sounds more like a Chinese curse (“May you live in interesting times”), I know. How all the insanity will affect us individually can only be seen by delving into our personal progressed horoscopes.

Saturn is already retrograde in Scorpio and Mars will go retrograde on the 17th of April. Until the end of June they will both be retrograde in Scorpio. Expect LOTS of fiery events from armed conflicts to terrorism to fires to train, plane and automobile accidents. I also expect more volcanic eruptions to occur, also in the minds of people prone to explosive episodes of anger. Keep your wits about you, control your emotions and try to lay low as much as possible during these months. A better day is coming, but we have to contend with a crazy year first!



Howard Beckman April 2016 copywrite