2013 The Last Hurrah

When I wrote my article last February entitled Astrological Predictions for the World in 2013  I knew there’d be a great fanfare by the “powers that be” saying they’d begun to bring the economy back. The second house planets showed so much concentration on money, and indeed the wealthy have done extremely well this year. The stock markets have mostly been up and thanks to their ability to print money there has been this renaissance, but it certainly hasn’t changed life economically for we 99%, has it? All an illusion put forward to keep us mushroom people eating manure while kept in constant darkness.

 My conjecture that Saturn’s position in this year’s new Moon chart meant the US would be playing the heavy in international politics and more was made all too obvious by the revelations brought to the table by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. I also felt that the planetary arrangement spelled a huge fall in confidence in the US president Barack Obama. I doubt anyone would argue the validity of that prediction by now. Saturn and Rahu’s conjunction certainly created the explosive conflicts and storms, as well.

 In my blog 2013, A Year that will Remain Etched in our Memories, I described the astronomical configurations that were about to create major discord and increased violence in the Middle East. We also saw that the exact Rahu and Saturn conjunction in September increased violence and all sorts of natural disasters beginning beforehand and still manifesting for a good month afterwards.

 But the last few months of this year and the first quarter of 2014 still hold a few surprises. We’ve had this very malefic combination of Saturn and Rahu for some time now, but things really get ramped up when Mars enters Libra to reside with these other malefic planets that are his dire enemies! Being an air sign expect there to be storms that will cause widespread turmoil and a winter that is colder than it’s been for some years. This winter won’t be a benign one; you can count on that!

 On the first of March 2014 Mars will go retrograde in Libra, where he will have been sitting along with enemies Saturn and Rahu. I expect more turbulent weather, along with regional conflicts further escalating for the following 6 weeks or so.

 What will it bring for you and I? That depends entirely on our own horoscopes, but we shall all be affected by the upheavals around us in some way or another. Actions begun during this time must be done extremely carefully, with much forethought. Otherwise it will be very easy to begin something at a time when it cannot possibly succeed.

 As to the rest of 2014 into early 2015 it will be a year to remember (yes, once again!), but there are some extremely bright lights shining at the end of that tunnel. Instead of waiting until March to make my annual predictions based on the 2014 new Moon charts of the US and other countries, look for it either at the end of this year or very early in the new one. As I always say “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” and the cautions, as well as times to let loose and just go for it, will be detailed in my next newsletter.


We wish everyone a thoughtful Thanksgiving this month and a peaceful December holiday season. Namaste!

Howard Beckman 11/18/2013