Howard Hamsa Beckman

Spiritual teacher, counselor, author and Vedic astrologer extraordinaire

“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I are greatly indebted to it.” Albert Einstein — Physicist

The universe has a dynamic influence on our lives. Throughout history, astrology has been used to benefitmankind in all sorts of ways. World leaders and famous people have studied and used astrology and today, it remains the key to understanding our potentials. Vedic Astrology is the oldest living system of astrology, and is distinguished for its spiritual depth and accuracy in prediction.

A Vedic horoscope speaks the language of cosmic energy, with the planets representing the laws of time and motion. It can be seen as a “GPS” for the timing of events, our relationships, career paths and our ability to attain prosperity on all levels. This is the story of our personal destinies, the secrets of which are to be found only within our personal horoscope. Whether you’ve come to a crossroads in your life or just need some insights into a relationship. Perhaps guidance in developing or maintaining your physical, emotional and/or spiritual health. By understanding our true natures, and what the keys are to success on all levels, we can better make appropriate decisions.

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Nothing happens by accident. All things come in their time. That includes when those meant to share the journey with as come into our lives, as well. With knowledge of what is to come, which actions will bring the greatest results, and then knowing “when” to act, we achieve success in our endeavors. And when we finally understand who we really are, as spiritual beings deserving of the greatest gifts that life can offer, we find not only material success, but love, happiness and peace of mind to be our greatest assets.

I have been studying and practicing Vedic astrology for over 30 years. Whether in the areas of career, relationships, finance or any other part of our very human lives, I will reveal to you the secrets of your destiny. Then how you can best attain success where you desire it most.

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Make it your mission to touch people’s hearts, to have a life of abundance, to be satisfied emotionally. When you vibrate at this higher level, it attracts others to do the same.